ColDog Locker

ColDog Locker is a security application that gives you customized control over a folder. You get to name the folder, set its password, and view your system information. Most importantly, all of your data is securly encrypted.

DJ ColDog

DJ ColDog is a rapper, producer, and of course, a DJ. DJ started producing music on December 25th, 2018. DJ has advanced through multiple phases throughout his career, the most influenctial being the rapping phase. DJ has released all of his music currently on SoundCloud. However, once our brand deal is finalized, DJ's music will be available on almost every music platform imaginable.


Computer Automated Robotic Listening Software Operations Navigation, or CARLSON, is a personal voice assistant written in Python. CARLSON is currently still in development.

Sl66p Security

With our cutting edge security technology, you can sleep soundly at night thanks to our Sl66p Security. Sl66p Security is still in development.